We partner with the following organisations to provide you with a broader range of professional expertise, services and support.

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Smith & Nephew believe it is time to reduce the human and economic cost of wounds. We deliver the most advanced and complete wound management solutions in exudate management, barrier protection and infection management resulting in improved quality of life for the thousands of people impacted by wounds. Smith and Nephew work collaboratively to develop innovative responses to wound care problems and seek evidence based solutions that improve wound healing outcomes for patients and at the same time conserve resources for healthcare systems.

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Bug Control has been helping aged care facilities and their teams protect their residents from infections and outbreaks by providing infection prevention and control services to the aged care industry since 1995. As industry leaders in Infection Prevention and Control, we offer consultancy services, comprehensive policy and procedure manuals, independent environmental audits, resources, training and education materials for your staff specific to infection control in aged care. We can answer your questions. If you have any concerns about your facility’s infection prevention and control processes, policies or practices, let us help. Let us share our experience to make your life easier and help stop infections in your facility. 

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Lisa Forbes Speech Pathologist 
Phone: 0412 525 670
Email: lisaforbes.speechpathologist@yahoo.com.au

Lisa Forbes is an adult speech pathology practice that specialises in speech pathology in Residential Aged Care Facilities. The practice has been providing services for over 15 years, and is dedicated and passionate about improving the safety, nutrition, hydration and quality of life for residents. The team also provides audits and education around swallowing and communication. Lisa Forbes provides free phone support for existing client facilities. Please call Lisa to discuss how the team can help.

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BD is one of the largest global medical technology companies in the world. We are committed to advancing health and upholding evidence-based clinical best practice in areas such as diabetes management and sharps injury prevention.

By working in close collaboration with aged care providers, their staff and residents, BD can help enhance treatment outcomes, improve the older person’s care experience, lower costs, increase efficiencies, and improve safety.

This is achieved through:

  1. Education and training
  2. Standardising protocols
  3. Collaborating with providers in policy development and change management

For more information, please contact Derek Downie, BD Aged Care Manager on 0428 540 567 or derek.downie@bd.com. 

Alternatively, visit bd.com or contact BD Customer Service on 1800 656 100.

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Choice Aged Care and its subsidiaries are owned and managed by Michael Bonner who is a clinical pharmacist. Our organisational structure promotes quality, consistency and professionalism across our varied operations – including the delivering of clinical pharmacy services (QUM and RMMR), RTO training, online learning and benchmarking.  

Choice Aged Care is Australia’s leading professional services provider to the aged care industry. 

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Gabrielle is passionate about food. With over 40 years hospitality industry experience she is strongly committed to sharing skills and knowledge to advance dignity in dining for residents in aged cared. Gabrielle knows from experience that little things can make a big difference. Services include: Food Safety Audits, Food Safety Program Design and Development, Food Safety Training and Mentoring, Hospitality Skills Training, Hospitality Policy and Procedure Development, Food Quality Audits, Menu Quality Reviews and Dining Experience Workshops. 

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Webstercare is Australia’s preferred provider of medication management solutions. From introducing the world’s first Webster-pak® Multi Dose medication pack, to award-winning automation and software systems, Webstercare has led innovation in aged care, pharmacy and community sectors for more than 40 years.

Its range of products, services and systems support the planning and delivery of safe, quality and consumer-centred care. These include the RxMedChart™ (Australia’s leading medication chart as a prescription), MedSig® (computerised electronic signing for aged care), MedsComm® Prescribe (legally valid electronic prescriptions) and many varieties of medication packs to suit the needs of aged care residents.

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Physio-Fit Rehabilitation Services Pty Ltd
Peter Stuckey, Director
Phone: 0411 844704
Email: physiofitrehabilitation@gmail.com

Physio-Fit Rehabilitation Services Pty Ltd is owned by Peter Stuckey, an experienced physiotherapist, corporate trainer, clinical educator and creator of the SAFE (Stable and Functional Elderly) program.

Physio-Fit Rehabilitation Services has a philosophy of person-centred care and maintains a balance between the process, people’s needs and the development of innovative solutions to meet current and future challenges of the industry.

They offer a wide range of services such as:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Falls prevention and management
  • Pain management including ACFI optimisation in complex health care
  • Lifestyle Enhancement program
  • Staff Manual Handling program
  • Physiotherapy Aide in Residential Aged Care program
  • Relative Activity Package to enhance the relatives experience whilst visiting their loved ones
  • Return to Work Rehabilitation program
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Redleaf Training and Consultancy specialises in consultancy and training in the areas of leisure and lifestyle and dementia care in both residential and community care settings. Our consultancy and advisory services focus on best practice service provision models that meet relevant regulatory requirements as well as being strongly focused on positive consumer outcomes. Documentation and environmental audits are also available.  

We also offer a range of educational topics covering all aspects of leisure and lifestyle service provision, working with people with dementia, person centred care and documentation. 

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The Aged Care Quality Standards include numerous references to terms such as wellbeing, spirituality, meaning and quality of life. There is general agreement these are important and highly desired.  However, often there are barriers to practically integrating these concepts into the model of care such as: work practices, systems and processes, technology and organisational culture. We have the expertise to support facilities transition to a model that enables staff to recognise and integrate holistic care into their practice. 

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Keypoint Law is an innovative and award-winning commercial law firm. Our team of over 40+ senior lawyers provides high quality legal services across 23 areas of law from our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Our focus is on personal service, low overheads and a flexible service offering; and our firm’s recognition includes ‘Boutique Law Firm of the Year’ at the Australian Law Awards.

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Smart Nation Education is a nationally registered training organisation that has developed quality resources to upskill existing workers and educate new workers in the aged care, home and community care and disability sectors.   Our mission is to deliver best practice and high-quality training and assessment services to meet the needs of our industry partners and their workforce. 

The team at ACCESS acknowledges the traditional owners of the land and pays respect to elders past and present.
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